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CSTEP and STEP Project Directors:

On behalf of APACS, thank you in advance for renewing your membership for 2017. You are a critical component of the professional organizations’ success and vitality. Annual dues of the Association are only $300.00 per program. The work APACS undertakes on behalf of STEP and CSTEP programs and administrators including professional development, programmatic advancements, and advocacy efforts add value and voice to the field for STEP/CSTEP professionals across New York State. This has produced valuable results for the field - such as increased funding as a direct result of advocacy efforts organized and facilitated by APACS.

APACS was established in 1997 by STEP/CSTEP professionals to advance equity, access, and excellence in STEM fields and the licensed professions. APACS remains a vital asset to the development of STEP/CSTEP Programs and staff. There are many ways you can get involved in this organization to positively impact APACS endeavors with your time and talents. Connect with a committee that most interests you and volunteer. You will have a more satisfying member experience by being engaged with and learning from your peers.

The continued success of APACS is connected to your active membership. Your dues provide numerous benefits, which include the following:

  • Annual APACS Meeting & Conference held June 14–16, 2017 in Albany, NY.

  • Organizing essential advocacy efforts with elected New York State officials to ensure increased and continued program funding.

  • Professional development workshops.

  • APACS website (stepforleaders.org) to provide resources and keep abreast of statewide developments affecting STEP & CSTEP.

  • Fellowship funding for scholarly research related to STEP & CSTEP Programs and/or students.

  • Statewide scholarship program for STEP & CSTEP students to take Kaplan Prep courses for standardized exams.

Our goal is to reach 100% - with membership from ALL STEP and CSTEP Programs. Your membership provides APACS with the resources needed to continue providing the professional development and visibility that our programs need.

The deadline for 2017 membership dues is Monday, May 15, 2017. Make checks payable to APACS, Inc. and mail to the address on the Annual Dues Form. ** The completed form MUST accompany your institutional check.

Thank you for continuing to support APACS, your professional association.


Shanna Crump-Owens, Membership Committee Co-Chair
Francesca Berrouët, Membership Committee Co-Chair


Download Membership Forms:




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