The Association of Program Administrators for CSTEP and STEP (APACS) was formed in 1997 by STEP and CSTEP professionals to support, advance and meet the issues of promoting and advocating the philosophy of equity, access and excellence in education throughout New York State. APACS achieves its goals by:

  • enhancing and effecting the recruitment, retention and graduation of underrepresented minority and economically disadvantaged students in scientific, technical, and health-related fields and the licensed professions,

  • supporting and facilitating research, conferences and other related activities,

  • facilitating access to programs of higher education,

  • promoting and stimulating professional development,

  • encouraging data collection for program evaluation, and

  • supporting and promoting the development of policies and guidelines governing STEP and CSTEP programs.

Membership in APACS is open to all full and part-time professionals and/or staff associated directly with the STEP and CSTEP programs. All programs who are current members in good standing (i.e. annual dues paid in full) are eligible to vote in APACS elections and meetings.

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Currently, there are 43 CSTEP and 47 STEP programs located at New York State colleges and universities. CSTEP (the Collegiate Science and Technology Entry Program) and STEP (the Science and Technology Entry Program) have been sponsored by the New York State legislature since 1986-87. These programs are supervised by the New York State Education Department Office of Higher Education.


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